String Instruments


Strings Instruments

The Guitar

The Guitar is an extremely and perhaps the most versatile instrument and it is suitable for almost every genre of music including classical, jazz, rock, folk, country and various other styles from around the world. As well as being very portable it can be practised quietly and can be purchased cheaply.

Our Guitar workshops are based on activities in group where each pupil has an opportunity to be engaged in musical and fun activities and at the same time to learn different skills on the instruments.

The following sizes are recommended:

Year 3: ½ size

Year 4 & 5: ¾ size

Year 6: ¾ or full size (depending on the pupil’s height)*

*Note: All these are general guidelines which may vary for several pupils. But in the majority of cases, those are the recommended sizes.

The Violin

The Violin can be started at a very early age. It is also an instrument which does not cost as muchto purchase as some other instruments. It has a beautiful sound and it is used for some of the most famous classical melodies as well as for jazz bands, folk and even rock music.

The Viola

The Viola can be started at a very early age. It is a larger version of the violin and it has a deeper, lower sound. It is usually less used for solo part though it is very popular in string quartets.

The Cello

The Cello can also be started at a very early age. It is slightly more expensive to purchase compared to the Violin or Viola but it is not more expensive that most of woodwind/brass instruments.

The Double Bass

The Double Bass is the largest string instrument in the orchestra and it has a very low and deep sound. It is possible to learn at a early stage with a smaller version. Nonetheless it is usually played from age or 12 or even later.

The Harp

The Harp has a beautiful sound and it can be played either in the orchestra or as a solo performance.